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Paris mayor swims in the Seine, declares it clean for the Olympics

“It’s pure happiness,” Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said afterward, having fulfilled her pledge to clean up the Seine ahead of the Olympic Games. Now...

Wall Street Journal fires Hong Kong reporter who headed embattled press club

The Hong Kong Journalists Association has been accused in recent weeks by state-run media outlets in Hong Kong and China of destabilizing the city.

Hezbollah leader threatens new attacks on Israeli towns as tensions rise

Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah struck a victorious tone in a speech, claiming Israel has been exhausted by the fighting in Gaza and external pressures.

As mobilization rules kick in, some Ukrainian men pay to flee, dodging draft

Some Ukrainian men are paying thousands of dollars to dodge the draft by hiring smugglers to escape the country as key provisions of a...

With King’s Speech, Britain’s new Labour government defines ‘change’

In a speech delivered by King Charles, Prime Minister Kier Starmer will lay out how Labour will “rebuild Britain” with new industrial policies and...