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Afghanistan War Commission opens inquiry of America’s longest conflict

The Afghanistan War Commission will study the conflict’s myriad failures with a mandate to recommend how the U.S. can avoid a repeat performance.

At least 40 Haitian migrants killed in boat fire

They were heading for Turks and Caicos, the International Organization for Migration said.

Why do we blush? Research subjects watched their own karaoke to find out.

Participants in a new study blushed while watching videos of themselves singing popular karaoke songs from Adele, Mariah Carey and “Frozen.”

The existential angst of the global tech outage

The global Microsoft outage is the latest reminder of the fragility of the complex systems that rule our lives....

Prepare for lingering problems from the global computer meltdown

“This will not be a normal week,” a digital security expert said. Here’s how to prepare for the possibility of continued computer hiccups....