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Watch: RTMC threatens arrest over Shaun Stylist viral stunt obstructing traffic


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The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has condemned the behaviour of DJ and influencer Shaun Stylist and a passenger who obstructed traffic in the Western Cape on Wednesday.

This, after a video clip of the artist and a second passenger who stopped their white Mercedes-Benz minivan in the middle of a busy public road to boast about their car and clothes, went viral on social media.

The incident reportedly took place in Nyanga in the Western Cape.

In the short video clip, Shaun and his friend can be seen stopping their car in the middle of a busy intersection before getting out, walking around the white minivan and shouting at onlookers. They were boasting about their car and their drip [the clothes and shoes they were wearing].

@shaunstylist PASTORS 😂😂 #shaunstylist #mhlengisto #SAMA28 #kungcono #2024 #buslakithi @Mhlengisto #trending #brabus @Mercedes-Benz ♬ original sound – ShaunStylist

Responding to the video clip on X, formerly Twitter, late on Wednesday evening, the Road Traffic Management Corporation said the actions of the two were “grossly irresponsible on a public road”.

The road safety agency also pointed out several other offences committed by Shaun, including obstructing traffic and negligent driving, adding that the offence warrants an arrest.

The City of Cape Town, who were made aware of the incident by an X user, responded that someone should tell him about JP – referring to JP Smith, Cape Town MMC for Community Safety who impounded several taxis during the violent taxi strikes in Cape Town in August last year.

The DJ was in the Mother City on Wednesday to play a gig at The Milk Restaurant and Champagne Bar on Zantsi Street in Cape Town.

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Netizens react to Shaun Stylist viral video

X users were quick to give both the DJ and the RTMC a piece of their minds after his shenanigans.

One X user, @LudidiVelani’s comment on the video has already garnered more than 120 000 views in less than 24 hours.

“Shaun Stylist and his friend think Cape Town is Joburg/Durban. They are doing that nonsense of stopping a vehicle in the middle of a busy road, getting off and making noise while obstructing other road users. JP will see that video and teach them a lesson,” he commented.

Here are some of the best reactions to the video clip:

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Source: citizen.co.za



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