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Marie-Rose Laleye: “I dreamed of being a footballer”.


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Marie-Rose Laleye: “I dreamed of being a footballer”.

At the 13th All-Africa Games in Accra, Marie-Rose Laleye won two gold medals in left and right arm wrestling. The 24-year-old athlete from Benin dreamed of kicking a football, but stopped after an event that plunged her into depression. Years later, arm wrestling has given her a renewed taste for sport and competition.

Marie-Rose Laleye, two gold medals in 48 hours, what are your impressions after this performance?

Marie-Rose Laleye: I’m super happy and proud to have won two gold medals and a performance medal.
How do you rate the fighting at these All-Africa Games?

Marie-Rose Laleye: I came up against some tough opponents, so it wasn’t easy. Since Benin, I’d already prepared myself physically and mentally to face this difficulty. It went really well. I hope to take part in several international competitions, and why not win gold medals for my country at the Londiaux.

What motivated you to take up arm-wrestling?

Marie-Rose Laleye: With arm-wrestling, I find the pleasure of sport.Sport has always been a big part of my life. It helps me to feel good physically and psychologically, to listen to my body and my mind. It gives me self-confidence and helps me deal with stressful situations. For me, practising sport is important, because it gives me a sense of well-being, keeps me fit, keeps me morally well, allows me to socialize and bond with other like-minded people, to belong to another community.

Marie-Rose Laleye was originally passionate about soccer. What happened?

When I was very little, I remember beating a lot of boys in soccer footwork. I was always challenging them. I secretly dreamed of being a footballer.But one situation in my life destroyed me. I’d rather not talk about it here.I gave up all sport and was depressed for years.


How did you come to take up sport again, this time arm-wrestling?

I used to go to the gym because I was passionate about bodybuilding. A lot of coaches in various disciplines wanted me to come and join them, but I hadn’t made up my mind. Eventually, I accepted an invitation from a martial arts and boxing coach. It was after this invitation that a friend suggested an arm-wrestling competition, given my form and performance at the gym. Without hesitation, I accepted her proposal. So I took up the sport a little by chance, but also for the challenge of the unknown.

These All-Africa Games are your second international competition, and you came away with two gold medals.

Before the tournament, I was a bit worried about competing against others and not being able to handle it well. But I was also excited by the challenge ahead. I won two gold medals. It’s like a dream come true for me.

Marie-Rose Laleye remporte deux médailles d'or aux Jeux Africains 2023

Marie-Rose Laleye wins two gold medals at the All-Africa Games 2023

What are your ambitions for the future?

The thirst for success is my daily life. I want to make Bras de Fer known in Benin through my exploits and whatever else I come up with and for that, I have confidence in my coach. I want to achieve great things in this sport. I just want to make my name known all over the world.

What does Marie-Rose Laleye do outside sport?

I have a BTS in Digital Business Administration. I now work as an accountant for an NGO. My goal is to get a degree in Human Resources Management or Marketing Communication and Commerce.And then do a Master Pro.

How do you reconcile sport and studies with the difficulties of everyday life?

It’s not easy, but I always try to find time for everything and I manage quite well. The difficulties in practice are linked to the lack of equipment for our training and a suitable place for it. We need support to perform better.

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Source: sportnewsafrica.com