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1972 Munich Olympics, marred by killing of Israeli athletes, loom over Paris Games

The 2024 Paris Olympics begin this weekend amid the global fallout over the Oct. 7 attacks on Israel by Hamas and the Gaza war.

American reality show contestant kills, eats protected bird in New Zealand

Spencer “Corry” Jones apologized after killing a weka, a large flightless bird with “a famously feisty and curious personality,” on “Race to Survive: New...

Anti-Israel protests and threats set tone for politically charged Olympics

The Israeli soccer team is set to take the field in Paris on Wednesday, competing in one of the first events of an extremely...

Big Tech says AI is booming. Wall Street is starting to see a bubble.

The industry has rushed head-long into AI, and stock market investors are following them. But a growing group of Wall Street analysts are skeptical profitability....