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Microsoft is privileged to work with leading-edge customers and partners who are taking the power of the cloud and artificial intelligence and applying it to their businesses in novel ways. Our new series, How AI Transforms Business, features insights from selective such customers and partners. Join us in these conversations and see how your company and customers may be able to benefit from these solutions and insights.
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1. How Can Autonomous Drones Help the Energy and Utilities Industry?
Headquartered in Norway, eSmart Systems develops digital intelligence for the energy industry and for smart communities. When it comes to next-generation grid management systems or efficiently running operations for the connected cities of the future, they are at forefront of digital transformation. In a conversation with Joseph Sirosh, CTO of AI in Microsoft’s Worldwide Commercial Business, Davide Roverso, Chief Analytics Officer at eSmart Systems, talks about interesting new AI-enabled scenarios in world of energy, utilities and physical infrastructure.


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